Milltown Republican Organization

Proud to serve Milltown


Welcome to the Milltown Republican Organization website 

Whether as political advocates or as civic participants, our members are committed to making Milltown, New Jersey the best it can be. With this site, we are working hard to build an informative and interactive place which will be a valuable asset to the people of our community.

We invite you to join with Milltown’s Republicans as we continue to work together to enhance the quality of life of Milltown’s residents, encourage civic involvement, and promote responsible, effective and accountable leadership in our community. We will continually provide information about our organization, and about our town.

With your help and involvement, we will succeed.

The Milltown Republican Organization serves as the local arm of the Republican Party. Monthly meetings are held on pertinent political and governmental topics.

The Committee seeks qualified and outstanding persons to run for election to Borough Council and other offices and promotes Republicanism, seeking to attract a wide segment of the electorate. At the county level, the committee interacts with other Republican municipal organizations.

All interested Republicans are welcome to participate in committee activities. Annual events include participation in the Independence Day Parade, Milltown Day and the organization dinner.